Laundry Organization Ideas For Limited Space

If you have limited space in your laundry room, there are a few ways to organize it. You can use a pull-out bin or a cabinet with bins that slide out on rails. Color-coding your baskets can also help save space.

Bins that slide out on rails

If you’re trying to maximize your limited space, consider using bins that slide out on rails to store your laundry essentials. These units slide out of the way when you need to use them, and then slide back in again when you’re done. They’re also handy for storing stain remedies and other laundry essentials.

Another option for limited space is a wall-mounted shelving system, which includes easy-fit racks and shelves. You can arrange the shelves to vary their heights and make the most of the space available. In addition to racks and shelves, you can also use collapsible laundry baskets, which can hold a full load of wash and still fit in a small space.

Wall cabinet with pull-out bins

You can use a wall cabinet with pull-out bins to store your laundry. Not only does this type of cabinet help you stay organized, it can double as a folding station as well. It also has a handy swing-out arm drying bar, which is useful for delicate clothing.

You can also use a narrow shelf to organize your laundry. This will allow you to maximize counter space and prevent items from being sloppy-shoved into nooks. In addition, you can install an open cabinet above to store overflow items.