Hiring Professional Organizers and Unpackers

When hiring a professional organizer, be sure to ask the organizer about the types of services they provide. Some professionals specialize in certain areas such as decluttering or ADHD. You can check their bio and portfolio online for details. Many also offer virtual services. Note the rates for their services.


When you’re moving, you’ll need the help of a professional organizer. These people can unpack and organize your belongings and help you decide what to keep, donate, or throw away. It’s not always easy to juggle all the tasks involved in moving, but a professional organizer can make the job a lot easier.

Most professional organizers recommend that their clients meet with them in person first. This gives them a chance to assess their clients’ space and lifestyle, and create a plan for moving ahead. They can also give you an estimated timeframe for the project and help you prepare accordingly.

Some professional organizers even offer additional services, such as interior design guidance. This service, however, typically comes at a higher cost. Additional services may include staging a home, scanning in photographs, hauling furniture, and professional cleaning. However, it’s important to do your homework and determine the level of service you want.


If you’re hiring a professional unpacker or organizer, be sure to ask about the costs of their services. Many will include minimal disposal as part of their hourly rates. However, if you’re looking for an extensive disposal project, you may want to negotiate a higher rate. This rate will depend on the amount of trash, how heavy it is, and where it needs to be disposed.

In addition to their physical work, professional organizers can also help you manage your time. Some are familiar with interior design and can make purchases on your behalf. Choosing the right professional organizer depends on your personal learning style. Be sure you know whether you’ll be physically active or prefer a more relaxed environment.

Whether you’re moving across the country or moving within your own home, hiring a professional unpacker and organizer can help you transition to your new home. They’ll help you organize and unpack your belongings, and their services will leave your space looking beautiful.

Professional organizers charge an hourly rate between $50 and $150. The cost varies greatly based on the complexity of the job, location, and level of experience. An organizer with extensive experience will charge more per hour and may take longer to complete a project than one with less experience.

Free initial consultations

Hiring a professional organizer can be an easy way to streamline your home. If you are moving or downsizing, professional unpackers and organizers can make the process easier. They can handle a variety of tasks including de-cluttering, paperwork sorting, and organizing detailed areas. Some organizers will even oversee the entire moving process. They can help you with the packing and coordination of movers and can also quickly unpack the boxes in your new home. With their help, you can be back to living in your new space in a few days.

Before hiring an organizer, it’s recommended to schedule a free consultation. This way, you can better understand their work ethic and personality. You can also ask them questions about their prices and how long they will take to complete the work. Also, make sure to schedule a consultation with several organizers to see how they approach the job.

Experience is an important factor to consider when choosing an organizer. A newly-established organization will be less experienced than one that has been operating for at least five years. In addition, a business with less experience may not have insurance or policies to cover their work. They may also not have a proven process to address your needs.


When looking for a professional unpacker or organizer, look for one with the proper qualifications. Obtaining CPO certification is one way to prove you’ve done the necessary training and have completed the required education. However, it’s not the only requirement for a good organizer. People also look for personality and the ability to work with clients.

Professional organizers need to have good problem-solving skills. They must be able to see and understand the needs of clients and be able to find solutions for these problems. They also need to be able to communicate well with clients, as it helps prevent conflicts. In addition, they should have the ability to be creative.

Using organizational techniques, a professional unpacker or organizer can help clients find the most efficient use of their space. They can review available space, evaluate items to pack, and form organization plans. They can also help businesses create a more cohesive work environment. As a result, they can help them maximize their productivity and reduce stress.

Qualified unpackers and organizers must be school graduates or have a minimum of one year of relevant work experience. They should also be physically fit to do the work, as a professional organizer must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. They should also be able to climb stairs or use a step stool or small ladder. They should also be able to tolerate the smells of household products and to work around children. In addition, they should be willing to work in different locations, including the office and the home.