Best Places to Visit in Marion, Indiana

Marion is a city in Grant County, Indiana. It has a population of 29,948 as of the 2010 census. It is the county seat of the county. The city was named for Francis Marion, a brigadier general from South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War.


The lynchings in Marion, Indiana defied explanation. The town’s black population was relatively small at less than five percent, and its color line was less rigid than in other Indiana towns. African-Americans held some jobs in the city’s main industrial operations, and the NAACP had a vibrant chapter.

It was known that the town had a rudimentary law enforcement structure. In fact, Marion, Indiana, had at the time four movie theaters. There were also drug stores, soda fountains, and ice cream parlors where teenagers spent their spare cash.

Marion was the site of one of the most notorious lynches in the country. In August 1930, three young black men were lynched by a mob estimated to number more than two thousand. They had been accused of raping and murdering a white man. In the end, one of the black men, James Cameron, was convicted as an accessory to murder and served four years in prison before his release.

The Marion Lynching happened on August 7, 1930, in Marion, Indiana. Three black men were accused of murdering a white man and raping a white woman. The result was a chaotic night for the town. A local high school created an exhibit on the lynching to educate the public about the event. The exhibit provides an overview of the event as well as a more detailed look at various aspects of the lynching.

Community School of the Arts

Marion, Indiana is a charming, historic town with many points of interest. The city is also home to Indiana Wesleyan University, the state’s largest private university. Visitors can enjoy Marion’s riverside location or check out one of the many parks, including the Community School of the Arts, which houses an art gallery, music venue, and a performing arts center. The city is located in east central Indiana, making it accessible and convenient.

Founded in 1995, the Marion Community School of the Arts provides art instruction and music lessons to children in Marion and surrounding counties. It offers over 100 classes and a pre-professional theatre company. It also offers private music lessons. The school also has partnered with Marion Community Schools and offers a Tuition Scholarship Program for qualifying students.

The CSA is home to a 1,500-seat auditorium. It has audio, video, and lighting capabilities, making it an excellent venue for performances. The school hosts a variety of events every year, showcasing local and regional groups, as well as touring acts.

Another place to visit in Marion is Matter Park, a 6.3-acre park located near downtown Marion. Built during Marion’s boom days, the park included a zoo until the 1970s. However, after a long period of decline, the park is bouncing back. It is home to a growing list of summer activities. It hosts Cruisin’ in the Park in June and a large Fourth of July celebration, which features fireworks and a performance by the Marion Philharmonic Orchestra.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, consider taking a trip to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. This region is home to a wide variety of natural wonders. From beaches to wildlife-rich wetlands, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. It’s also a great base for a longer trip throughout the region.

You’ll need a vehicle to visit the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, so you’ll need a car that can fit through the park’s gate. You can also use an annual pass to save on the entrance fee. In addition to the National Park, the state park has several other attractions, too. You can also take your pets to the park. However, you must keep them on a leash while they’re in the water.

You can also go for a stroll along the Indiana Dunes. The 0.8-mile trail will provide you with amazing views of Lake Michigan. If you prefer not to hike, you can just sit on the beach. The beach is not as popular as West Beach, but it is less crowded. Bird-watching is also a popular activity here. Migratory birds make this area their resting grounds.

Whether you’re visiting Marion for a family reunion or a romantic vacation, there are plenty of places to visit. The city is located in east-central Indiana, making it easy to get to. In addition to its historic sites, Marion has plenty of fun and family activities.


The town of Shipshewana is a quaint little town located in northern Indiana’s Amish country. It is home to one of the largest flea markets in the Midwest. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, you can visit the market and pick up handmade crafts, baked goods, and quaint trinkets. You can also enjoy buggy rides and enjoy the unique Amish experience.

If you’re looking for outdoor activities, the town is home to a public park that is popular with locals. The 6.3-acre park has more than 7,000 annuals and an award-winning butterfly garden that supports monarch butterflies. The city has also been home to the Marion County Courthouse since 1933. The building originally featured a dome, but this was removed in 1960. In 1930, the courthouse was the scene of a mob pulling three black men out of jail.

Located in the southeast of Marion, Indiana, the Marion National Cemetery is home to more than 8,000 veterans. The cemetery was established in 1889. The city’s founder, George Washington Steele, was a congressman between 1839 and 1922. The cemetery’s first burial was a man named Henry Smith. Today, the cemetery is the resting place of three Medal of Honor winners.

In addition to pies, you can indulge in authentic Amish food at the Shipshewana Auction Restaurant. The restaurant is known for its homemade chicken and noodles, hamloaf, and fish, as well as hand-breaded pies. It also has a bakery and an outdoor wrap-around porch. For a more casual experience, you can book a room at the nearby Farmstead Inn. The Amish-themed hotel provides excellent services and amenities for its guests.

Indiana Wesleyan University

If you’re looking for a Christian university that offers a high-quality education, Indiana Wesleyan University is a great place to attend. Founded in 1920, the university is committed to providing a liberal arts education to students. Today, the university is the largest private university in Indiana and one of the fastest-growing private universities in the country. You can also visit the university’s residential campus, which is situated on 350 acres.

There’s a wide array of opportunities for undergraduates to pursue a career at this private university. The university offers nonremedial tutoring and placement services for students. In addition, it provides health and safety services and has 24-hour emergency telephones. The campus is also equipped with lighted pathways, student patrols, and a security system that guards against crime. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet other students and learn about their interests.

Marion is home to the Cardinal Greenway, a 7.5 mile rail-trail project in Grant County. Two trailheads are located in Marion: behind Westwood Square and on Valley Avenue and 14th Street. There’s also a trailhead at Indiana Wesleyan University.

For recreation and relaxation, Marion has a rich history and plenty of attractions. It is located in eastern Indiana and is easily accessible. In addition to its parks, Marion offers many activities and attractions.

Mississinewa Riverwalk

The Mississinewa Riverwalk is a multi-use trail in Marion that runs for two miles. It begins near the Washington Street bridge and ends at Matter Park’s pond. The path is wheelchair accessible and has ample seating areas. It is also home to a Mississinewa 1812 Memorial, a historic site commemorating a battle between federal troops and British-allied Indians.

There are many things to see and do in Marion. The city has an extensive park system with a variety of activities. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river. The city also has an award-winning Butterfly Garden, which features butterflies and other native wildlife. The Marion County courthouse is also a landmark in the city. The building was constructed in 1882 and was originally topped with a dome. However, the dome was removed in the 1960s. A notable event that occurred at the courthouse occurred in Marion in 1930 when a mob dragged three black men out of a jail, killing two of them and leaving one of them for dead.

Another interesting place to visit in Marion is the Quilters Hall of Fame. In 1979, this museum was dedicated to recognizing Marion’s quilting community. It hosts an annual Quilt Celebration that includes lectures, workshops, and auctions. You can also visit the Marion Municipal Airport, located three miles southwest of the city.